My Véronique, my daughter

This page is a gratitude which I give to all the friends who were near Veronique on the year 1997-1998 in the International House of Berkeley. 
I put pictures Veronique, alone, because I want to have respect for you.
Thank you for your kindness.

The International House of Berkeley : memories, good moments !

Veronique left us many pictures. Pictures, like this one where she works, and pictures of her friends with whom she liked to go hike.

Veronique dreams about beautiful colors of Grand Canyon

During a hike. I think, it's here than Veronique lost her watch.

I like this picture. This picture was taken in Los Angeles 
(Thank you Alberto for information). 
In the background there is the "HOLLYWOOD" sign on the mountain. 
Veronique hadn't the time to write legend behind her pictures.

Veronique climbs in Yosemite National Park

Arches National Park, during the Spring Break in April 1998.

Hiking up in the Grand Canyon, with blizzard, snow, 
for the Spring Break in april 1998. 
Nevertheless, Veronique is happy, she smiles.

In San Francisco, by night.

Veronique, for a party, in the International House of Berkeley

Bryce Canyon, during the spring break

In the Grand Canyon, Veronique, always happy.

Thank you for her
               Thank you for us
          Nicole and Georges  

Vous entendez "Candle in the Wind" de Elton John